Head Instructor- Carl Jackson

Carl has been training martial arts for over 25 years and teaching for the past 18.  He studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for a number of years before finding Jeet Kune Do/ Kali at the Bob Breen Academy where he has been training since 1999.  During this time he has achieved his Black Belt under Guro Breen and was the resident Escrima instructor at the Academy for over 10 years. He also holds one of a very small number of Associate level 3 instructorships and is the South London affiliate of 4D Combat. He’s an instructor in both Jun Fan Gung Fu and Filipino Martial Arts under Guros Dan Inosanto, David Onuma and Rick Faye as well as trainee instructor under Grand Master Oliver Bersabel in Koredas Obra Mano Arnis, a traditional Filipino system.  

He has been fortunate to spend long periods training abroad. Most notably; Wu Shu in Shaolin, China, Arnis in the Philippines, Muay Thai at Yodyut Gym, Thailand as well as time at the Inosanto Academy in LA.  He has competed in boxing and kickboxing (inter-club), nationally in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gracie Invitational) and represented Great Britain for 12 consecutive years in full contact stick fighting (Kali/Escrima/Arnis). Fighting throughout Europe and as far afield as Mexico and Las Vegas,, amassing 17 British titles, 3 European titles and 6 World championship silvers.

Considered a highly technical instructor he uses his wealth of knowledge in the respective arts and his fight experience to develop students of any level.  Delivering individualised teaching, benefitting complete beginners as well as seasoned black belts.


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