I have known Carl for many years through MKG international, Bob Breens 4D system and other crossing of paths. A great instructor and fine gentleman. I don’t have many people that teach at isle of Wight Karate and martial Arts Academy, however Carl is one of them. i recommend Carl and CJMA to all.

Mark Elliot (Chief Instructor/Owner; Isle of Wight Karate)

I have been lucky to train with Carl for some years now. He has so much knowledge to share and I always enjoy taking part in his classes. He is an extremely skillful and well rounded martial artist. I always learn so much from his demonstrations and practical applications of techniques during drilling/sparring. He has … Continue reading Husna Nessa

Husna Nessa

Carl is a fantastic teacher! My son gets so much out of the class. Would highly recommend.

Rebecca Akram

Carl’s classes are fun, disciplined and focused. My little boy LOVES it and has done wonders for his confidence. Highly highly recommend!

Karis Pentecost

Carl is a Filipino Martial Arts wizard. If you want to learn from the best CJMA is the place to train. He’s a world champion for a reason.

Marcos V

I run my own club but I still learned a lot from Carl in the on-line seminar with him at the weekend. His knowledge of weaponry is really high level and his delivery and attention to detail is also top notch. Train with him if you get the chance!

Julian Gilmour (Chief Instructor/Owner; Camden Martial Arts)

My son started classes just before the lockdown and has been continuing online. He looks forward to every class and has made vast improvement in his balance, skills, and co-ordination. Carl teaches in a fun engaging manner and ensures the important lessons are understood.

Amalia Javed Qamar

Top bloke and skilled martial artist. If you can train with Carl then do so he knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

Lee Trunks (Chief Instructor/ Owner Combined Defensive Arts, Cheltenham)

I attend Carl’s seminars and ZOOM classes, His teachings and knowledge are unlimited and exceptional and shows through his instruction as he wills you to want to achieve your best and push yourself even further,

Robert Siedacz (Chief Instructor; Ultimate Krav Maga)

My 4 year old absolutely loves Carl’s classes. It’s the most engaged I’ve ever seen him with any organised activity. I think in the long run it will help him both mentally and physically. Highly recommended.

Kate Spetsiou

My girls aged 6 and 8 have LOVED attending Carl’s classes- he manages to create the right balance between making it super fun but developing an understanding of the discipline as well as learning the physical skills.

Fiona Kyle

I attend Carl’s classes, His teachings and knowledge are unlimited and exceptional… His passion for the Martial arts world shows through his instruction as he wills you to want to achieve your best and push yourself even further, Carl shows us what to do then goes on to explain how and what situation we’d use … Continue reading Dotty K

Dotty K

Carl is one of the most knowledgeable, humble and pragmatic teachers one can find out there. Like a true scholar, he hasn’t turned his back on any style, art and discipline, integrating knowledge from Capoeira and Eskrima, to Muay Thai and western boxing. If you add his titles from various competitions, then what you get … Continue reading Zorzi M

Zorzi M

Carl is an excellent martial artist and a brilliant teacher, I highly recommend training with him.

Tom Bain

Our daughter (4.5) absolutely loves Carl’s classes. They are really fun, and her fitness, listening and coordination have definitely improved!

Isabel Barter

Carl isn’t just a great martial artist – his knowledgeable facilitation of coaching and training makes the sessions fun and inspiring

Sat Rayit

I have been training (on and off) martial arts including Eskrima for 45 years and can highly recommend Carl, I currently attend his stick and his JKD classes at space in hoxton and am highly impressed with his dedication and expertise, his methodical approach ensures that everyone of whatever level can’t help but improve but … Continue reading Peter Dunne

Peter Dunne

amazing teacher very fun

Noah Fenton

Carl not only understands the martial discipline and the art forms of what he teaches, but also how it is applied and adapted to the individual. 10/10 would definitely recommend!!

Shaanvir Rehal

great teacher, very professional and experienced martial artist! look forward receiving further training

Nima Sharma

My son Alfie really enjoys going to Carl’s class each week. He has learnt so many new skills, and Carl makes each session fun and exciting. Would highly recommend CJMA!

Clara Alexandra Andronov

Carl Jackson’s background in the martial arts is extensive. He holds instructorships under Masters such as Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen, David Onuma and others and has been British and European Stick Fighting Champion multiple times (single, double, live stick). All this would not mean much if he wasn’t able to teach effectively but he is … Continue reading John L

John L

I have been a student of Carl for over 1.5 year.Carl is a very experienced and skilful martial artist and a great instructor.He holds instructor certificates in many martial art styles including Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Eskrima, Kali under great grandmasters like Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen, Samuel Kwok, David Onuma and more. He … Continue reading Haris Mexas

Haris Mexas

I am writing to recommend CJMA women’s class. Carl is a brilliant and exceptionally well qualified tutor and it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or have some previous experience – the classes work really well mixed ability and ages. The specific things that have been so empowering for me are…. 1) It … Continue reading Dr Katie Snape

Dr Katie Snape

Carl is a fantastic Instructor and one of the most talented Stick Fighters and Martial Artists, not only in the UK, but around the world. I have had the opportunity to train with many world class Martial Artists and Guro Carl is without a doubt up there with the best! A really nice, genuine and … Continue reading Mikey Wright

Mikey Wright
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