The Arts

Kali/ Filipino Martial Arts

The collective arts native to the Philippines known as Kali, Escrima and Arnis, are typified by their emphasis on weaponry which in turn lead to proficiency in empty hand combat. Synchronised stick training drills work with footwork, body positioning and fluid movement to lead to improved hand eye co-ordination and the ability to remain stable in any position during confrontation.

As a principle lead system, a wide variety of weapons are used including staff, sword, and knife amongst others. However, training predominantly focuses on use of the stick, either single or double and the empty hand element, Panantukan, also known as “Dirty Boxing”. If all of this seems a little abstract, the most recognisable point of reference is the Jason Bourne films. Jason Bourne fights using Kali, you could too.

Jeet Kune Do Concepts/ Jun Fan Gung Fu

No one person is the same as another so how can one single style of martial art be applicable to all people equally ? That is the philosophy behind Jeet Kune Do. Formulated in the late 60s by the late Bruce Lee and propagated ever since by his top student and best friend, Dan Inosanto, this approach takes elements of many styles to help the practitioner find a system unique to themselves. “Research your own experience, Absorb what is useful, Reject what is useless., Add what is essentially your own.” This is the mixing of martial arts decades ahead of modern day MMA.

Jun Fan Gung Fu was Bruce Lee’s own style involving high energy kickboxing, trapping derived from his training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and some limited grappling elements. The emphasis of his system is economy of motion.

CFS Kickboxing

Developed by David Onuma, the CFS kickboxing program is unique and highly structured. The curriculum comprises of striking methods and techniques from Jun Fan Gung fu, Filipino Boxing, Muay Thai, Boxing and the Madjapahit martial arts. Covering all levels from beginner, to Black belt and beyond, the program is suitable for men, women, children. It is perfect for those who wish to teach, compete, learn self defence, or simply to get fit.

4D Combat

4D Combat was developed by Guro Bob Breen, Carls’ principle instructor for over 20 years.  Taking the 2 arts of JKD and Kali he created a simpler, more accessible model to prioritise function.  4D compromises the “4 Dimensions” of stand up combat: Striking, Clinching, Weapons and Group Attack.  Using principles that can be applied effectively across all 4 “Dimensions” reducing any decision making and simply acting.  His aim with 4D Combat is for people to achieve mastery in their own lifetime, on their own terms.  The art has to suit you.  It has to be: Simple, Truthful, Instinctive and it has to work and be tested so you believe it and you know that it works.  With over 20 years of regular, (mostly weekly) training with Guro Breen, Carl experienced the evolution of 4D first hand.  The underlying principles make up the very core of all his teaching. Whilst many arts show the “What”, 4D shows the “How”. CJMA is proud to represent 4D Combat as it’s South London Affiliate

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