Women Only Kickboxing

The Women only kickboxing sessions are held 3 times each week in Tooting, Streatham and Balham. Based around the CFS kickboxing syllabus and in a welcoming environment, this isn’t just another Boxercise type class. Focus is on technique and form resulting in the ability to move well and hit with power and precision. Hard work still plays a huge part in the sessions but improved fitness and confidence are the unavoidable consequence of the training, rather than the main aim.

These classes are fun, challenging and rewarding, perfect for beginners and experienced martial artists alike. CJMA strongly believe that the benefits of martial arts should be open to everyone. Starting mixed classes in a combat sport can be daunting, by offering these sessions we hope to help you  eliminate any hurdles preventing you from beginning your journey.

Whether you are a mother returning to training after some time, looking to try something new, or simply haven’t got around to it, there’s no better way to start your weekend.

Come along, have fun, get fit, get fearless, be awesome.


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