Kids Program

The Kids & Cadets Junior JKD sessions are held in South London in the Streatham / Balham area every Wednesday and Thursday

These high energy, fun classes combines basic elements of kickboxing and Filipino stick fighting with games designed to improve key attributes required for martial arts. These include balance, co-ordination, strength and most importantly fun! If the kids don’t enjoy themselves, they won’t want to train. Along with the physical element there’s a strong focus on discipline, confidence and teamwork. The Cadets program bridges the gap between the kids and adult classes with a greater focus on technique and fitness. There’s still plenty of smiles though

The current Junior JKD Lion Cubs program is open for students from 4- 7 years and Junior JKD Cadets from 8-13 years.

Link to Kids Videos

Carl’s classes are fun, disciplined and focused. My little boy LOVES it and has done wonders for his confidence. Highly highly recommend! – Karis Pentecost

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