Online Workshops

Since lockdown began CJMA have run a number of online workshops exploring areas of the arts in greater detail than the standard classes allow. This not only expands the training opportunities and knowledge for club members but opens up training to those further afield. Martial artists and club owners from across the UK and Europe have been able to take advantage of the current situation and get to train with CJMA on a regular basis proving these restrictions are no barrier to improving your art.

Next Session will late April with part 2 of Panantukan (Filipino Dirty Boxing). Contact for more details

I run my own club but I still learned a lot from Carl in the on-line seminar with him at the weekend. His knowledge of weaponry is really high level and his delivery and attention to detail is also top notch. Train with him if you get the chance!
― Julian Gilmour (Chief Instructor/Owner; Camden Martial Arts)
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