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CJMA Online Academy

The CJMA Online Academy is the virtual version of the club. A product of the UK lockdown, when all physical classes had to close and training shifted online. This was a format I embraced early and eagerly as I could see firstly, that remote training would be with us for quite a while but also the opportunities that it provided. There’s no doubt at all that martial arts are best trained with partners. The very definition of martial arts requires an assailant or training partner. However, the journey we take on our path is often taken solo for long stretches. Conditioning, co-ordination, combinations, footwork drills and many more elements are all trained solo regardless of a global pandemic, access to training partners or the Dojo. With so much material that can be trained solo and without compromise, I chose to focus one these areas rather than approximations of partnered techniques. So for a year (and counting) all classes moved online and week in week out we continued to train and I could see my students thrive. This was never going to be a period of treading water and simply making do until the doors to the Dojo re-opened. This was going to a period of real growth.

What you see here is the unedited product of that year of training. No fancy studio, lighting no multiple takes to get the footage perfect. Just unfiltered training. There’s conversations with other students, I’m there taking sips of tea and scrutinising the Gallery as we go along, there’s probably the odd mistake. Within the Academy there are 2 distinct products available: Firstly there are a series of online seminars focusing on specific areas of the arts. These go into great detail with lots of information presented within a 2 hour session. All are stand alone sessions that can be watched multiple times. Secondly, there’s the Online Academy itself. This is the club experience, with all the repetition and sweat that goes with that. These aren’t 5 minute instructionals, these are FULL 30-60 minute classes to train to in their entirety. This is presented as 10 classes each month for 12 months focusing primarily on Kali stick fighting but also covering JKD, Panantukan and later in the program, Kickboxing. The aim here is that you train along 3x every week to the classes. Each class costing less than a cup of coffee. I know this format works as I’ve seen the progress my students have made following precisely these lessons.

With my own training online I quickly realised that it was the quality of the content and how it was delivered rather than the quality of the production that mattered most. This is the emphasis here. My home dojo and a year of training at my club. Come and join and be awesome !

CJMA Online Academy

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