Dr Katie Snape

I am writing to recommend CJMA women’s class. Carl is a brilliant and exceptionally well qualified tutor and it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or have some previous experience – the classes work really well mixed ability and ages. The specific things that have been so empowering for me are….

1) It is incredibly mindful and has really helped my state of mind

My mind rushes all over the place and trying to do yoga, meditation or pilates often ends up with my mind unable to switch off, wondering if I replied to that email, or what the kids are going to eat later or how the hell am I going to homeschool and work at the same time. During CJMA classes, I am instead thinking about how to align my limbs, my hips, my head and get all the different parts of my body to perform complex movements as one. It’s an amazingly mindful process, in which it is impossible to be anywhere but the present and regular practice definitely improves my state of mind.

2) It is a fantastic stress reliever

Honestly, smashing a hammer fist into a pad repeatedly is SO much better than writing a passive aggressive email to an annoying co-worker. After a few rounds of boxing, you will find that you no longer want to kill your partner/children/parents/annoying friend – honestly, you will find life much easier if you have a safe space to smash all that aggression out.

3) It makes you feel stronger and more body confident

I’m not saying “lose weight”. Because losing weight is not necessarily about being healthy. I think that my upper arms probably weigh more since my bingo wings turned into something almost resembling a bicep, rather than a loose piece of skin, and that’s definitely a good thing. These classes  tone and strengthen and make you feel strong and more confident. And I’d rather my girls saw me exercising and being strong and toned than dieting.

4) It allows flexible work-outs in my busy life.

There never seems to be any time in my life. So the balance between an hour long face to face weekly class at the weekend which I can then support by slotting in 30 min workouts in the week from the many pre-recorded online classes really suits me. The advantage of lockdown is there is now a huge online resource which I can go to in the week without me having to leave the comfort of my own home. In between endless work meetings 30 mins at lunchtime of continuous shadow boxing does wonders for my concentration when I am WFH and losing the will to live.

5) It is a lesson in not giving up and practice making you better at something

I was crap when I started doing these classes almost two years ago. I just wanted to hit things wildly without any discipline. I’m still not great, but I am SO much better. My technique has improved exponentially, and sometimes I watch myself in the mirror and pretend I’m Mulan without feeling like I am a complete fraud. There is a deep sense of personal satisfaction in sticking with something with tangible benefit on the mind and body.

So.. what are you waiting for???!!

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