Haris Mexas

I have been a student of Carl for over 1.5 year.
Carl is a very experienced and skilful martial artist and a great instructor.
He holds instructor certificates in many martial art styles including Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Eskrima, Kali under great grandmasters like Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen, Samuel Kwok, David Onuma and more. He also holds multiple competition achievements including 3 European Championships in stick fighting.
I attend his classes regularly, as they are fantastic and include both weapons and empty hand. In weapons classes we learn Eskrima / Stick Fighting which is a lovely and devastating martial art. We learn single and double stick and sometimes practice with stick and knife together which is also very beautiful.We also do sparring with padded sticks which we all enjoy very much 🙂 Carl’s stick-fighting and weapon skills are really impressive! In the Empty hand classes we learn explosive Jeet Kune Do / Kali / Kickboxing and practice lots of beautiful and effective techniques.
We do lots of pad-work and also work on our physical condition. The techniques we learn are highly applicable in real life situations.
Carl is an instructor with high teaching ability, who explains things thoroughly and is patient and helpful with the students. He constantly corrects and advises the students during the classes and makes sure that everybody understands, learns and progresses.
I highly recommend Carl, as he is a great instructor, who will teach you highly effective martial arts and boost your confidence, self defense ability and fitness.

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