John L

Carl Jackson’s background in the martial arts is extensive. He holds instructorships under Masters such as Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen, David Onuma and others and has been British and European Stick Fighting Champion multiple times (single, double, live stick).

All this would not mean much if he wasn’t able to teach effectively but he is a very good instructor. Whether he is teaching you stick, knife, JKD, boxing, kickboxing, he is able to demonstrate and explain the reasoning behind the technique and he is able to explain it from different perspectives so that his students all understand what and why they are doing something. He has a keen eye for detail and spots mistakes so he can help correct them and bring the best out of you.

He loves martial arts and he loves teaching and seeing everyone progress, above all his classes are challenging but always good fun.

The current situation we face around the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions it has made to all our lives has seen Carl adapting his instruction so that we are able to continue training with the benefit of his online classes and seminars held over Zoom.

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